By Joni Lindquist

I had the opportunity a while back to hear Laura McKnight, co-founder of Mulberry South, and formerly the CEO and president of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation present some interesting facts about philanthropy in the United States.  Ninety percent of U.S. households give to non-profit organizations, which includes churches and synagogues.  That’s the “money” part.  At KHC Wealth Management, we often encourage our clients to think about how they can use both their financial resources and human capital if they are charitably inclined.  Using your time and talents is a terrific ways to give back. In Laura’s work, she identified the following “10 Ways to Do Good”:

  • Giving money – traditional way of supporting various causes.
  • Serving on boards –I’ve served on several not-for-profit boards and have gained as much as I’ve given. Many folks find board service a rewarding way to support an organization they are passionate about.  Most not-for profits are financially strapped and operate with thin staffs, so boards can play a critical role in providing guidance and getting things done.
  • Volunteering – opportunities abound to volunteer, and again, with thin staffs, many rely heavily on volunteers to operate and provide services.
  • Donating “stuff” – whether you do spring cleaning or winter cleaning, donating items you no longer use to others who need them is a great way to “do good.”
  • Purchasing products that give a percentage of their profits to charity – with your purchase, some portion is supporting a cause that may have meaning for you. A painless say to do good!
  • Marketing – social media has made it so much easier to market for your causes. You can engage others in activities, events, fund-raising, and increase awareness by using social media tools.  This gets the info out to your network.
  • Sharing – this is helping a specific person or family. Could be you neighbor, co-worker, family or friends.
  • Recycling – recycling and being environmentally conscious has increased in our society. Being green and recycling all sort of items – from paper to aluminum to electronic equipment – is doing good.
  • Attending charitable events – many charities hold events to raise money – these may be auctions, dinner with speakers, etc.
  • Caring – this last one is a bit of a twist and some of you may not agree. The premise is that you need to take care of yourself, and that you have to be healthy in order to help others.

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Photo credit: Яick Harris / Foter / CC BY-SA