By Patrick Amey

Technology has been been infiltrating the world of personal finance ever since we went off the gold standard, but never has it offered so many benefits to improve the quality of life for users.  Here are three tools that I use and recommend to manage your personal financial house.

Mobile Check Deposit

When you receive a check (rare I know), take a photo of the front and back with your phone, and it will automatically be uploaded and deposited into your bank.  Happily, you may find that you never need to physically enter a bank again, which may be OK because the banks without brick and mortar locations offer the best interest rates.

Budgeting with

Each person has their own unique way of viewing budgets on a regular basis.  Some just want to see their bank account, credit card transactions, or 401(k) balances.  I love data, so I want to see everything. allows users to easily track everything from bank accounts, individual transactions and budgets, student loan balances, and investment accounts.

Easy Math using

If you’re like me, and haven’t mastered regression formulas and vlookups in Excel, you need a simpler way to calculate your college funding needs. is one of my favorite sites to visit and play with different ‘goal’ calculations.  These calculators are presented in the form of questions a client may ask a financial planner so they are easy to navigate.  You input a few pieces of relevant information and the calculator gives you an answer.  This doesn’t replace the need for more advanced financial planning in areas of key concerns, but it is a good place to start for people who like to be armed with information before they finance a car or call their mortgage broker.

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Photo credit: Ron Wiecki / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND