I continue to catch up on my reading, with the pretty winter weather (yes snow is pretty when first falling!). Found an interesting article on LinkedIn entitled 50 Big Ideas for 2019 by Isabelle Roughol, a Senior editor at Linkedin. I enjoy these sorts of lists, getting you to think, whether you agree or not on the 50, about trends and how 2019 might play out.

Five of the big ideas struck me in how they will affect our world of work:

1. Big Idea 1: Move over Millennials; it’s Gen Z’s time.

How did this happen? We’ve spent the last decade discussing the merits and demerits of the Millennials, and the difference between millennials and their baby boomer parents. Suddenly, Gen Z (those born after 1997) will outnumber Millennials in 2019, totaling nearly 20% of the world’s workers! It will be fun to see how this generation can influence how we work and where we work.

2. Big Idea 11: Health Care providers will cover your groceries.

I don’t know if that will happen, but I do believe that healthy living will be a bigger topic. In our industry, personal financial planning, your health is a key component of your wealth – for if you don’t have your health, the amount of money you have doesn’t matter!

3. Big Idea 7: AI will be in every industry and every job.

In fact, in LinkedIn’s ranking, six of the hottest 15 emerging jobs relate to AI. Like all technological developments, it will provide opportunities we hadn’t thought of yet, along with challenges. I’m reminded of Bill Gates saying that technological change tends to be slower than first expected, but once it gets going, has a larger impact than first imagined.

4. Big Idea 16: What will matter at work is your humanity.

I put this immediately after the AI trend, as I believe they go hand in hand. The high tech/high touch model. Until machines understand the nuances of human emotions and how that drives behavior, financial and career coaches will be in demand! That, plus what seems to be an increasing polarization and nastiness among people with different views, the world of work screams for people who have high emotional intelligence and care about others. The single biggest item I work on with executives in my coaching practice is emotional intelligence.

5. Big Idea 21: The office will empty out.

The trend of open floorplans is creating a backlash, where workers simply put on their earbuds and tune out their co-workers. Why be at the office if you’re not interacting? Plus technology allows workers to see and easily collaborate with others in far-flung areas.

I encourage you to read the list and drop me a line on the Big Ideas you think will impact 2019. Send your thoughts to me at

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