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Caring for an aging loved one –  Live Webinar – March 9th, 12-2pm

Handling the sticky & Icky With Loved Ones

Blueprint: Caring for An Aging Loved One

Angela Kreps, CEO, Caregiver

I am a former CEO and a long term client at Aspyre Wealth Partners. In 2019 I joined the team to help other people realize the benefits of working with a fee-only fiduciary firm like Aspyre. One way I help is by sharing my personal story, which includes caring for my mom.

When my Dad passed suddenly in 2012, we had to face a messy estate plan and my mom’s declining heath. In this session I share tips I learned the hard way, so you might avoid probate and other time-consuming challenges. Nobody wants to deal with surprises that can be avoided.

I’ve developed a blueprint, a roadmap of sorts, Caring For An Aging Loved One, so you can Get Started and Get Organized. You will learn how to talk to your parents about things that are “sticky and icky,” like estate plans and declining health. I’ll share tips on medication logs, as well as gathering and storing sensitive information, so you can take on caring for an aging loved one – without losing focus on the rest of your life.

We will talk about developing a plan and taking action. One of the most important ways to take action is to prioritize self-care. You need your oxygen mask on first so you can help your loved one. One way we do that at Aspyre is to insure your money is working for YOU! We call that Return On Life (ROL). 

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