Before joining Aspyre Wealth Partners® I successfully navigated two career pivots. Both times my family and I used COBRA for health insurance. (That’s my mom and our youngest daughter in the picture. I share more about them in our Aspyre seminars.)

Recently I learned is that if someone is going through or planning a career pivot today, they may be able to save money by exploring health insurance options outside of COBRA. That got me thinking and, after discussing this with several colleagues, a series of Aspyre Seminars was born.

This year we are co-hosting 10 seminars to share insights from our own team members and several vetted business partners. In each seminar we provide key insights about topics we find to be personally or professionally relevant to our clients and friends. These are things that will hopefully help you get where you are going faster, easier, and with less strife.

Money Is A Tool

Since we view money as a tool to achieve your goals, many of the insights we offer are financial or related to money. Others address wellness and career.

The first seminar in March was about work. Specifically, working remotely. Dan Stalp, President of Sandler Training, was our co-host and he shared about DiSC profiles and how they influence our productivity when we work outside the office. I was surprised to find out I need to increase my positive self talk, for example, because I tend to be my own worst critic as a Di style.

This month we did two more seminars. One was about the current health insurance landscape and the other about caring for an aging loved one. Below I include a short recap about each of them with a link to watch if you’re curious about how curiosity is my superpower while walking this journey with my mom.

At the end of this piece I highlight three of our upcoming seminars. As soon as the registration pages are up, we will link them so you can sign up.

Big Favor – What Aspyre Seminars Do You Want?

If you have other topics you think we should cover in future seminars, please send me a note at Our hope is you will find something of value to help you achieve your goals or enrich your journey.


  1. Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom – Aspyre seminars with Central Exchange

This summer we kicked off a series called Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom in partnership with Central Exchange or CX. We recorded the first session last week. In it I share my journey Caring For An Aging Loved One. My mom moved in with us during Covid-19, when we learned she had dementia. Mom’s current diagnosis is what the neurologist is calling LATE Disease, where the patient has dementia and shows some symptoms of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Mom’s disease progressed rapidly during Covid, and I took on new functions as her caregiver. We were already paying bills for Mom, but we started managing real estate holdings and making significant financial decisions about Mom’s long term care. Some days I am also a pseudo occupational therapist, personal attendant, and part-time punching bag. I try to use my natural curiosity as a way to keep my cool while trying to deepen understanding, both about the disease as well as about Mom’s feelings.

In this CX session I share tools to gather and organize resources to help save you from headaches later.

  • Wall Street Journal’s 25 Documents You Need Before You Die
  • Aspyre’s Caring For An Aging Loved One Checklist
  • The Green Box – A Story About Planning

We also discuss how to create Decision Free Zones and a milestone map to help eliminate overwhelm. You can watch the recording. (If you watch, please consider sharing feedback or posting insights from your own journey with your loved one.)


2. How To Navigate A Career Pivot: Don’t Let Health Insurance Derail You

Another recent seminar, How To Navigate A Career Pivot: Don’t Let Health Insurance Derail You, is designed to help those who are going through a career pivot, or planning one. Our hope is that others might find it easier to navigate their own path by picking up one or two tidbits from someone who walked a similar path before.  We invited an expert in the health insurance industry, James Lodge, to share facts and information about the current health insurance landscape.

We recorded this one, too, so drop me a note at if you would like to view the whole seminar. This is designed for people who find themselves in one or more of the following scenarios.

  • Planning a career pivot, leaving your current job, maybe to start your own company or become a consultant.
  • Currently in a career pivot, either intentionally or unintentionally, and you are seeking your next opportunity.
  • Looking at retirement before age 65; you won’t be eligible for Medicare, so you are thinking about finding affordable health insurance to cover the age gap.

Below are a few key take-aways.

  1. Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US
  2. There are more and more changes occurring at the Federal level regarding health insurance (such as QSEHRA and ICHRA)
  3. There are six different avenues for health insurance coverage in the US
  4. Cost, coverage, and enrollment periods may not be what you expect; for example COBRA has a look-back period
  5. Families can all be covered under a single plan or sometimes it is best to split based on needs


What’s Next?

Additional seminars this year include Financial Tips For Parents Of Young Children by our own MoneyBossMom, Jamie Bosse,CFP®, Linking Value With Purpose In Your Encore Career with Joni Lindquist, CFP®, MBA, and How To Be Well With Money with Jessi Chadd., M.S.F.S, CFP®, CeFT®

Angela Kreps , is Chief Connector at Aspyre Wealth Partners, focused on connecting people with the resources they need to achieve more than they ever thought possible. For help with your specific situation contact Angela, at (913) 345-1881 or visit our website at
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