As financial planners, we often talk with clients about ways to either save money or make their money work for them. With credit cards, we like to see clients use credit cards where they at least get rewarded for their spending. Which credit card is best? It depends on one’s lifestyle and spending patterns. and have identified the best credit cards by category:

For those of you who travel a lot:

  • Capital One Quicksilver
  • Chase Sapphire
  • Capital One Venture

If you travel abroad frequently consider the Best No Foreign Transaction Fee (as rated by

  • Bank of America Travel Rewards Card

If you want to leverage your airline trips:

  • Gold Delta SkyMiles by American Express

If you are a foodie, consider:

  • Capital One Savor Card

If you are more interested in cash back rewards for all of your spending:

  • Discover IT – Best for Everyday Spending
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited – Best Flat Rate rewards
  • Wells Fargo Propel by American Express

If you want to be rewarded initially the Best Sign UP Bonus card:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred

If you hate annual fees, the Best No Annual Fee:

  • Capital One VentureOne Rewards

As you can see, what credit card makes sense for you really depends on your lifestyle and what you spend money on. To see the detail on these cards and pros and cons, check out or

Joni Lindquist, MBA, CFP®, is a Principal at Aspyre Wealth Partners, specializing in Financial Planning and Executive/Career Coaching. For help with your specific situation contact Joni Lindquist at, (913) 345-1881 or visit our website at We help successful people Master What’s Next® – whatever phase of life they are in.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash