By Patrick Amey

According to, some of the larger law firms have begun to announce associate bonuses for 2014 and they are up from last year.

What are you doing with your bonus?

  • Treating yourself? Maybe you could carve out a certain amount of your bonus, say 10%, and do something nice for yourself and your family.  Take a needed vacation, buy something you’ve always wanted, plan a romantic evening with someone special.  Whatever you want to do, do it, Make life count, today!
  • Pay down some debt. If you still have outstanding student loans, credit cards, or a car loan, take this opportunity to pay off a chunk.
  • Save for the future. Many people allocate their bonuses to future goals and objectives.   You can save a portion to fund a college investment for your kids your own.  Make life count, in the future!

Often times, bonuses can hit our bank account without a plan and before you know it, half of it is gone and you don’t know where it went.  If you have a plan ahead of time, you can take care of yourself today and save for the future.

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Photo credit: Tax Credits / Foter / CC BY