Do you wonder if you are on the right track with your job and career? 

Fitness trackers have made it easy for us to track key health data such as levels of exercise, calories burned, heart rate and sleep. We spend so much of our lives in our work – how do we know key data to assess our level of career “fitness”? 

Joni provides a framework for discovering your best career fit and how to assess your current “fitness”. Jobs have natural life cycles, and you’ll identify where you are currently. To dive deeper, you’ll be able to assess your “pulse” with Joni’s Career Job Satisfaction SurveyTM.   

Click the image below to get started, then download Joni’s BFITR Career Fitness Tracker

Download BFITR - Career Fitness Tracker by Joni Lindquist, MBA, CFP®

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The BFITR Career Fitness Tracker is a tool to assess key components to gauge the health of your work life.  Like a fitness tracker, checking in on your job and career will help you stay focused on action items to proactively manage your career.

The tracker is meant to be used on a regular basis, perhaps semi-annually.

In addition to the BFITR Career Fitness Tracker, Joni’s slide deck on Career Fitness from the September 15, 2022 session at Central Exchange is available as a complimentary download below.

Download via the link below

At Aspyre, we care about You and your Why


We believe there is more to wealth management than managing return on investment, ROI. As fiduciaries we focus on your best interest.

At Aspyre Wealth Partners®, we help clients create and follow financial plans that are based on Return On Life (ROL) and ROI. We believe:

  • Money is a tool; it’s not a goal. People can get this confused.
  • Your work is one of your most important investments of your time, and should serve you to live your best life, both now and into the future.
  • A financial plan based on You and your Why.
  • We partner with our clients to accompany them on their unique life’s journey.
    Talk to Joni about the career coaching she does with clients, or about meeting one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals to gain a fresh perspective on this thing called Financial Planning and how we make it personal to you.

Meet Joni

Joni Lindquist, MBA, CFP®

A former corporate executive, Joni Lindquist, MBA, CFP® switched careers in mid-career to focus on helping professionals reach their career, life and financial goals. Joni is a Principal at Aspyre Wealth Partners®, where we believe true wealth is living your best life. For most of us, our financial wealth starts with building a successful career. As an executive/career coach, Joni assists business leaders in becoming more effective leaders, proactively managing their careers and handling career transitions. As a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, Joni assists clients in navigating life’s transitions and partnering with them on their life’s journey by building and implementing financial life plans.