Even as these articles are published, technology is changing and improving along with the security tactics to protect our data.  We’ve covered many of these strategies over the past few weeks, but here we’ve outlined what you can expect to see next in cyber security (spoiler alert: if you don’t like two-point authentication, you’re in trouble) and what you can do right now to stay a step ahead.

  • Password-less systems
  • Always-on encryption
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Training

Top 8 Do’s and Don’ts:

Wherever the future takes us with tools, the underlying threats remain largely the same – to gain access to your information and/or systems and the best defense will likely include the same essential elements.  Long story short?  Remember these 8 things!

  1. Stay alert and report suspicious activity.
  2. Lock your devices. With more and more communication and activity happening via smartphone and other devices, the focus of attacks will switch to these endpoints.
  3. Password protect sensitive files and devices.
  4. Use hard-to-guess passwords.
  5. Regularly check your bank statements and credit reports.
  6. Think before you click – don’t be tricked into giving away your confidential information to unreliable source. Don’t click on or download unknown software or plug in an unknown device.
  7. Never use an unprotected computer.
  8. Don’t over-share on social media. Do not disclose your birthday, the city you were born in, the street you live on, or your favorite pet’s name.  Don’t tag your current location to “check in” to places on social media.

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