By Stewart Koesten

Over the years, time management has probably been the single biggest challenge I’ve faced in my business.  The advent of email and other social media exacerbated the problem.  Then one day, about a year ago, I did a search to find solutions for this problem.  I implement most of these steps below every day and have significantly improved my productivity.  While I’m still working on components of the list, I believe it might help you too:

  1.  Make a “to do” list.  I have found this measurably beneficial as it focuses my daily attention on the most important tasks.  The most effective time to create this list is the night before but I do it first thing and it works well for me.
  2. Get a good night’s rest.  I find it helpful to watch something that makes me laugh on TV to get rid of the day’s stress.  I try to never let the last thing I see or think about be local or national or international news.  Another alternative is to read a paragraph or chapter in a book.  I also close the blinds so that early morning sun doesn’t wake me before I need to get up.  It doesn’t always work, but it helps.
  3. Get up on time!  By now I usually awake within minutes before the alarm clock goes off.
  4. Set a morning ritual.  Mine varies day-to-day but usually consists of a mug of coffee, spiritual contemplation, working out, and watching local and business news.  The whole ritual normally takes about an hour each day.
  5. Eat breakfast.  I try for 300 to 400 calories
  6. Get to the office on time.
  7. Check in with staff.
  8. Complete the first, most important thing on the “to do” list.  Then work down the list in order of priority.  Presumably the last thing on the list might not get accomplished if it isn’t that important.
  9. Schedule email times.  Disable the sound component of your email so that it is not a distraction.  Schedule two or three times throughout the day to check mail.  I’m still working on this one.
  10. Take a break at mid-morning.   I find a light snack and glass of water works well for me.

Feel free to make changes to this list that work well for you.  The key is to work on managing your time.  You may find the increase in productivity will enhance your financial plans.

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Photo credit: Atelier Teee / / CC BY-NC-ND