Jamie Bosse: Good Evening! This is Jamie Bosse and the Bosse boys coming at you live from Manhattan, Kansas with another segment in our kids series. Today, we’re going to be talking about our Favorite Kids’ Books About Money.

Jamie: You guys like to read?

Bosse Boys: Yes!

Jamie: Awesome. How old are you guys?

Oscar: Seven!

Landry: 5 and two quarters!

Jamie: Seven and five and two quarters. So most kids love to read or have books read to them. So using books and characters to introduce many concepts is a fun way to start the discussion. So here are some of our favorites.

Bosse Boys: It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit.

Jamie: It’s a habit Sammy rabbit is by Sam X Renick. And it is a story about a cute little bunny who is learning how to save for a rainy day. Oscar, do you want to tell us about the Mitch Anthony books?

Bosse Boys: Where Did The Money Go? The Cash in The Hat. The Bean is Not Green.

Jamie: All right, Where Did The Money Go? The Cash in The Hat, and The bean is Not Green. Our books by Mitch Anthony written in a Dr. Seuss type format. Some of our other favorites are in the Dave Ramsey storytime books. How many books are in the series, guys?

Bosse Boys: Six!

Jamie: Six books in this series. And they send a good message about chores, managing money well, and in true Dave Ramsey fashion, not going into debt. Another one we like is The Four Money Bears by Mac Gardner. What was this one about guys?

Bosse Boys: Saving, spending, investing, and giving.

Jamie: That’s right, four things you can do with money. And here’s another one we really like. Who’s this about guys?

Bosse Boys: Milton, our dog that died.

Jamie: ….True story. So Milton, The Money Savvy Pup, is my book that covers the concepts of identifying coins in our value, understanding that money is earned by working, and learning that sometimes you have to wait and save to get what you really want. Our fine final book that we’re gonna talk about today is a kid’s book about money called A Kid’s Book About Money. Yes, so it is easy read fun to read with kids, and has it a special lesson in Spanish teaching you that money is called dinero.

There you have it, folks. Those are some of our favorites. Hope you guys keep reading and saving up your money for something special. Signing off. Goodbye, everybody.

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