By Stewart Koesten

In light of recent events in Oklahoma, one of my study group members, David Strege, CFP® CFA® sent our group a link to an article with a “to do” list to help prepare ourselves and our families for a disaster.   We have recommended a number of these items to our clients and we thought David did a great job pulling them all together in this article.

As an Eagle Scout I was well trained in being prepared.  The idea isn’t to scare you.  We hope, as you read the list, you will evaluate about how prepared you and your family are for a tornado, flood, fire or any other catastrophe that might occur and then take steps to be well-equipped should anything happen.  The time to do so is now, before an event.  If you have any questions, schedule a meeting by clicking below, contact Stewart Koesten –, or call (913) 345-1881.