Our clients come to us often during career transitions. Let’s say you’ve just been named a Vice-President at your company and your salary package now includes equity-based compensation. Congratulations! This change obviously affects your income, but what about other, perhaps far-reaching implications could it have on your finances and lifestyle?

Perhaps now your spouse can afford to pursue a different career, or you can start looking for a new home. Maybe you have a child with special needs or want to give more back to your community or church. We help people analyze and develop a plan for this situation every day. Here are the basics:

First, clarify your goals.

  • Understand how the new role affects your family life and any changes that need to be made.
  • Evaluate insurance and new tax planning needs.
  • Set realistic lifestyle and retirement goals.

Next, we build a plan.

  • Develop strategies for handling equity compensation (Stock options, restricted stock units, etc), including completing Rule 10b5-1 plan if needed.
  • Analyze all insurance, tax, and estate planning programs to meet your family’s unique needs.
  • Determine the amount of savings needed to fund your children’s education, your retirement, and other specific short and long-term priorities.

Take action together.

  • Implement a new monthly income system.
  • Connect with appropriate partners as needed – insurance broker, CPA, and an estate planning attorney to formalize policies.
  • Establish a customized savings account and provide annual tax planning strategies.

Moving up in your career is exciting and you’ve worked hard to get here. With Aspyre Wealth as your financial partner, you can focus on enjoying the fruits of your labor. See the short video that provides a story. For questions about your own career move, visit our website at or contact Joni Lindquist – or (913) 345-1881.