Sometimes, we have a say in how the turning points in our lives happen.  Other times, it seems those major events that affect us both personally and financially, seem completely up to chance.  In the case of Lucas Bucl, he’s had his fair share of both during his young life.

While attending Kansas State University, Lucas met his wife Lindsay and upon graduation, both moved to Minnesota.  Lucas accepted a position with Accredited Investors and Lindsay found a job in social work.  It was during this time that he truly grew into an adult, living far from home and learning to juggle the responsibilities of being financially independent.  Lucas views this as a turning point in his career as well because this job taught him about the financial planning industry and laid the groundwork for his future.

After living in Minnesota for seven years, Lucas and Lindsay had hit their stride.  They owned a home, both had good jobs they enjoyed and they were in a good financial state.  It was here the couple welcomed their first son, Carter.  As is often the case, having a child changed things for the Bucls and they decided to move to Kansas City.  Both are from small towns in Kansas and this way, Lucas and Lindsay would be closer to their families.

This move proved to have a big impact, both geographically and financially.  First, Lucas took a salary reduction at his new job in KC and the family downsized their lifestyle by moving into a smaller home than they had planned.  Also, with an eye toward the future and adding to their family, Lindsay looked for part-time social work when they moved.  But the fates had another idea.  It was 2010, in the wake of the economic crisis, and after steep state budget cuts, social work positions were rare and part-time work in this field was even harder to find.  The couple decided that Lindsay would stay home full-time and they were happy that their children would spend this quality time with their mom.  Of course, going from a two- to a one-income family meant further adjustments to their lifestyle, like cutting back on travel and other discretionary expenses.

Lucas and his family look forward to the turning points that lie ahead and have learned from experience that sometimes you just have to go with the flow…and work the finances out later.