By Joni Lindquist

Fall has always been my favorite season and but living in Kansas City, I know all too well that the good times won’t last forever.  Before the cold weather hits, here are five things to do to enjoy the fall:

1. Take a long walk among the changing trees.

Find a park or trail and take a long walk and enjoy the colors of the season.  Soak in the beautiful trees in bright yellow, orange, and red.  Just a short day trip away, you can bike the Katy Trail in Calhoun, Missouri, go to the winery there and even stay overnight at one of their popular bed-and-breakfasts.

2. Take in a football game.

To me, nothing signifies the fall more than a football game.  Go to a local high school, college or pro game.  I remember wonderful days of my youth going to University of Iowa football games with my father.  The crisp weather, the backdrop of the colorful trees, tail-gating, the marching band and the game itself.  Nothing better.

3. Go on a hayride on a brisk fall evening. Or have a bonfire. Evenings do cool off, so they make for great sweatshirt and jeans weather.  I love the smell of a bonfire.  Toasting marshmallows and drinking cider (perhaps with a splash of something to make it an adult beverage) with a group of friends is great fun.

4. Visit a local winery. Again, a great time of year to take in the colors of the season.  Take a day trip to a local winery.  Do a taste testing and sit outside to view the scenery.  Relax!  We don’t often take enough time to truly just relax and enjoy the moment.  Just by getting away just a few miles can help you relax.

5. Take your dog to a local dog park. Fido also loves the temperatures in the fall.  My dog loves the fallen leaves and all the good smells.  Many communities now have dog parks where dogs can run and romp with other dogs off-leash.  Get out there with your dog and let him/her fun and play.

I know there are many other things you can enjoy in the fall.  Hopefully this merely stimulates you into action.  Whatever your favorite activities, get them in before the weather turns harsh!  You won’t’ be sorry.

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Photo credit: Silvia Viñuales / Foter / CC BY-ND