By Joni Lindquist

If you are in the job search mode, you tend to start by creating or updating your résumé.  Résumés remain an integral component of a job search portfolio.  Below are five myths of résumé writing that you should be aware of as you start this process:

  1. The résumé is the first step – actually, the first step in building a job search portfolio is to understand your professional brand.  Write down one short, concise statement that explains who you are (and what you are looking for).  Start with this first before you write the résumé so that everything you write supports your brand.
  2. Résumés are no longer important in the social media age – false.  It is true that recruiters rely on LinkedIn to identify candidates to a large extent.  While you must have a strong LinkedIn profile, you still need a strong résumé.  Most job postings request a résumé and you will want to provide your résumé to those screening and/or interviewing you.
  3. A résumé is all you need – also false.   As mentioned above, you must have a complementary LinkedIn profile and presence.  LinkedIn is critical in the job search.  For executive positions, I recommend you also develop a career portfolio that includes 3-4 pages that provide more detail and can be used as talking points in interviews and/or as a leave-behind.
  4. The longer, the better –  NOOOO!!  In the world we live in, recruiters will take SIX! seconds to scan your résumé.  It must be short, crisp, with headlines and key points easily featured.  It needs to have white space and be very “skimmable.”  Think of your résumé as an advertising brochure that is designed to create interest.  All you want your résumé to do is to get the door open, you can fill in with the interviews and your career portfolio package.
  5. Do it Yourself is the best way – this may be true, but may not.  It may be wise to hire a career coach to help you understand how to design the résumé for both human eyes and electronic scanning systems and to keep up with recruiting trends.  You hire advertising experts to market your products, why wouldn’t you hire an expert to help you market yourself?

Remove these myths from your thought process as you approach updating your résumé.

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Photo credit: Foter / Public Domain Mark 1.0