By Joni Lindquist

Career thought leaders from around the world held their 7th annual Career Jam in early December 2016.  Five major themes that arose from the jam include:

  1. Resumes still matter. You may need to copy and paste onto an application form, but your resume is still an important career document to get you in the door.  Given that HR managers  spend six seconds screening your resume, make sure your summary is brief, concise, and outlines your qualifications.  Managers focus on your summary, your last job, and your education.  Make these sections stand out.  Also, keep in mind that your resume must be able to be viewed on different platforms.
  1. Networking remains important. This is particularly true for those seeking high-level positions.  Hiring managers want to minimize their risk and getting a strong recommendation from someone they trust is powerful.  Based on research posted on LinkedIn In February 2016, 85 percent of respondents, mostly in staff and management jobs, said that networking was integral to finding a job.  Build and spend some time each month maintaining relationships with your network, even if you are not searching for a job (yet).  Someday you will and you’ll be thankful you have this network.  Always be ready to help others, this is the best form of networking.  Pay it forward and it will come back to you.
  1. Using social media effectively means being active – its more than a LinkedIn profile. An updated profile is table stakes.  To use social media effectively, people should be active when they are not looking for a job and when they are.  This means creating a brand by participating in Linked In discussion groups, tweeting or re-tweeting useful information, and maintaining dialogue with people on LinkedIn on a consistent basis.
  1. Learn to excel in video interviews. While video resumes have not taken off, video interviews are becoming more common at the front end of the hiring process.  Practice with friends and learn to maintain good eye contact (with the screen!).  Because there tends to be more delays with video calls, prepare yourself for this and don’t be overanxious with your responses.  If you have notes on paper, tell the interviewer when you are checking your notes.  That way they won’t think you are breaking eye contact inappropriately. Maintain good posture and dress professionally.  Practice is really important.
  1. Career agility is a necessity for career success. The world is moving so fast and the required skills for success change.  One of the biggest strengths you can build for your career is adaptability.  Adaptability requires thriving in times of change, driving and leading change, and constantly challenging yourself to develop new skills.  Many of us will have several different careers in our working life to create career success.

Good things to keep in mind no matter where you are on your career path.  Here’s to your career success in 2017!  For help building your career plan, schedule a meeting by clicking below, contact Joni Lindquist –, or call (913) 345-1881.