Global Financial Planning Plus

Additional Considerations for Global Financial Planning


  • Investments and Banking
  • Access to Cash and Credit
  • Foreign Exchange


  • Risk Management
  • Health
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Property and Liability


  • Taxes – Both Ends
  • Tax Treaties
  • Tax Credits
  • Covered Expat Exposure
  • Legal Issues – Both Ends


  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Employment

A Network of Professionals

We coordinate with a network of professionals including tax and immigration attorneys, CPAs, bankers, brokers, and others who serve cross-border clients. In partnership with their wealth of experience and resources we are better equipped to get answers to your questions and help with your specialized needs.


Becoming a dual citizen is complex and time consuming. It involves fees and other associated costs, plus the need for legal and tax counsel from both countries. The entire process can take approximately two years. We’ll help you think through all the pros and cons for your particular situation.

Have You Considered

residency vs dual citizenship

Do You Have An Exit Plan?

  • Geopolitical Strife
  • Natural Disaster
  • Health Crisis
  • Financial Instability

Have you ever contemplated a situation that would cause you to want to leave the U.S.?

Most expats move away for work or to retire. But for some Americans, there are circumstances (political, financial, or physical) they believe warrant leaving the U.S. Often those reasons require swift action. If this is something that concerns you, why not put your mind at ease. Exit planning often takes many months to achieve. So, planning now could pay off in the future. We can help you identify documents needed,  connect you with immigration professionals, and consult on your financial plans to navigate an exit.

Global Financial Planning Aspyre Wealth Partners

Let's Talk About Global Financial Planning

If you are a United States citizen and planning to work or retire abroad or repatriate to the States, let’s discuss your global financial planning needs.