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Who Needs Global Financial Planning


Individuals who retire abroad, whether temporarily or permanently, face unique financial challenges including managing assets, cash flow and currency exchange. There also needs to be a clear understanding about income and estate tax implications, as well as access to benefits such as life insurance, healthcare, Social Security, and more.


Business owners, professionals and executives often have complex financial situations that span multiple countries. Global financial planning provides comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning and investment management from the perspective of all countries involved in your international employment.


Repatriation after an extended period of time away requires a close examination of cost-of-living changes, tax obligations, investment relocation, and healthcare. Certain changes to your personal life may also impact your return; such as a non-U.S. spouse or children. Global financial planners can help you address these and other unique challenges of returning home.


What We Can Do For You

Financial Plan

Financial Planning

Let’s review your situation and financial picture, then get you the information you need to make informed decisions for life abroad.

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Investment Management Aspyre Wealth

Investment Management

We want to make sure you have an investment strategy that supports your goals no matter where you reside.

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Financial Planning Plus Aspyre Wealth

Financial Planning Plus

Access our experience to plan for the additional complexities associated with living abroad or returning to the U.S.

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Stewart S. Koesten, M.S.F.S., CFP®, CIMA®, Cert(IM), Global Financial Planning Fellow (USA)

Stewart Koesten, Chairman and Wealth Manager at Aspyre, heads up our Global Financial Planning team. Working with Stewart promises a partnership marked by unparalleled expertise and a focus on your financial success. With many decades of experience in financial services and wealth management, Stewart brings a breadth of insight to the table. His certification as a Global Financial Planning Fellow (GFP USA) puts him among an elite group of advisors who have met the advanced educational, experience, and ethics requirements necessary to help people navigate financial situations across the world.

Moreover, Stewart’s client-centric approach prioritizes your unique needs and goals, crafting personalized plans tailored to optimize your financial opportunities while mitigating risks. 

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