Our approach starts with helping you clarify your goals and how you define success. From there, it’s an ongoing process as your life evolves: Discovery —> Assessment & Planning —> Implementation—> Seizing Opportunity —> Monitoring Progress.
Marcus and Diane’s Story:
Shifting Priorities

Our oldest is finishing college, and we’re finally thinking seriously about retiring. But we’re still young, and don’t want to stop working. We’re tired of the corporate grind, and want to find roles in smaller companies or in non-profit work…something that has more meaning for us. But it’s hard shifting from our corporate mindsets to think like entrepreneurs. I’m a senior manager in telecom and Diane is a pharmaceutical exec. We kept feeling like we were on a treadmill: lots of activity but no real path ahead. Aspyre walked us through the contingencies and some of the trade-offs that come from transitions like this, and now we have a comprehensive plan for moving forward. Taking the plunge is still a little scary, but we are far more confident now.

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Marcus and Diane's Story:
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