By Patrick Amey

This past Sunday, I sat and watched the Chiefs move to a 4-0 record on the back of one of the best defenses in the league and quality quarterback play.  Fox commentator and NFL Pro-bowler, John Lynch, kept marveling about Kansas City’s quarterback Alex Smith’s ability to take the advantage of the hidden yardage.  We’ve seen it in all 4 games so far.  He takes the snap, looks downfield to see wide receivers covered up and green space in front of him, only to take off and gain seven yards on a scramble.  It’s a key in his game and has helped the Chiefs double their win total from last season in the first four games.

What Alex Smith does is simple; he takes what the defense gives him.  It may sound strange, but the same can be said of Obamacare.  We have the opportunity to pick up our own green (cash) by taking advantage of what the bill gives us.  Regardless of your politics, or how you feel about the new healthcare laws, they are here and we have the ability to find the hidden dollars and make the most of our personal financial plan.  Below are two new healthcare rules that you may be able to use to your advantage.

1.       Adult age children on your health insurance plan (or their own that you pay for):  The government desperately wants young people to join the exchanges and get coverage because their healthcare needs are minimal and they help offset the cost of older individuals who may be frequent users which means higher costs to the healthcare system.  Therefore, the government has offered low rates and a subsidy!  If you support the cost of insurance for your child through your employer’s plan or purchase a private plan, you can gain coverage for them on the exchange and reduce the cost for the same or better coverage.  Remember the subsidies require that you file your own tax return, so the child covered by the plan can be claimed as a dependent.

2.       Those who have retired before they have reached Medicare (age 65).  While the savings for this group is not as great as it can be for those in their 20’s, Obamacare guarantees coverage for those who have yet to reach 65, the Medicare-eligible age.  Also, if you can control your modified adjusted gross income (this includes included tax-exempt interest and foreign income) during this gap period, you may also qualify for a subsidy for coverage.  Again, the savings may not be significant but the hidden dollars in your financial plan will add up.

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Photo credit: Harpers470 / Foter / CC BY-NC