Investment Management During Times Of Uncertainty

At Aspyre Wealth Partners®, we are financial planners, wealth advisors and executive career coaches, who specialize in helping successful people Master What’s Next®.  We partner with you to define further success and formulate strategies aligned with WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU

We are credentialed fiduciaries and a fee-only firm, which means our only source of income is from clients paying us. We don’t make commissions by selling you products or making trades. Our success is defined by your success.

  • While there’s no way to tell how long periods of market volatility will last, some say the best way to deal with disruption is to have or create a long-term plan
  • Layoffs, furloughs, and changing priorities create dissonance; a financial plan provides focus
  • Contact us to help minimize the impact of uncertainty by creating a strategic, outcomes-based plan to guide your decisions

Angela Kreps

Chief Connector
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Mobile: 913.706.4168


Angela leads commercial strategy for the firm, seeking to connect with prospective clients who want to define their goals, develop outcomes-based plans, and Master What’s Next®. She spent 30 years in executive leadership and business development roles, including 10 years as CEO of a bioscience organization. 

As Chief Connector, Angela leverages her network, both inside and outside the firm, to help you reach your goals. Her “why” is helping people become the best version of themselves, so they might achieve extraordinary results.

Her consistent ability to add record-breaking value to the enterprises she serves combined with business acumen and public policy expertise earned Angela recognition by Ingram’s Magazine as one of Kansas City’s Most Influential Women. She lives in the Kansas City area with her husband and daughters. Outside of work you will probably find her enjoying golf, working on a project, or supporting foster families. 

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We define wealth more comprehensively than most advisory firms. While wealth certainly includes financial capital (your income and investable assets) we believe human capital (your time, talents, and experience) is equally vital to defining your true lifetime “wealth.”

For many, major life transitions—such as marriage, divorce, a promotion or other job change, job loss, the birth of a child, or the loss of a loved one—dictate the need for a new level of financial guidance. Whether you’re focused on excelling at your career while striving to achieve your personal and family dreams, planning for a pending retirement that supports your desired lifestyle, or are already retired and need to ensure a reliable, steady cash flow for the long-term, we can help you…Master What’s Next®.