By Matt Starkey

Welcome to the KHC Wealth Management blog!  For 16 years, we have sought to help our clients achieve their life goals by providing financial planning, wealth management, investment management and executive & career coaching services.  We decided it was high time we start expanding this conversation to the online community.

Often when we are out and about, our staff is approached with questions based on our line of work.  We hear, “How much should I be saving for retirement?” or “When is a good time to switch jobs,” or “How soon should I start a college fund for my kid?” from folks who are going through life transitions or are just curious about their current experiences.

Our goal with this blog is to communicate generally about these topics and many more!  While the articles may not be specific to your exact circumstance, we want to share our relevant financial and career coaching knowledge and experience more frequently through our posts.  We’re also excited to give our employees, who range in age from 23 to 65, an opportunity to contribute their unique views on subjects that are important to you.  We hope you find our posts interesting and engaging, but mostly we hope to start Making Life Count!® for our online followers.  Please feel free to schedule a meeting by clicking below, contact Matt Starkey –, or call (913) 345-1881.

Photo credit: PC – My Shots@Photography / / CC BY-NC-ND