August 16, 2022 | The FENG KC

Are You Standing Out or Fading Out? Master Your Brand

Are you reaching the people and companies that you would like? Perhaps you need to explore your Personal Brand.

Aspyre Wealth Partners®, in collaboration with The FENG KC, presents a seminar led by Angela Kreps, Chief Connector at Aspyre. Angela leverages her experience as a Chief Executive Officer and a bioscience executive to help executives to plan and navigate change, especially career and other changes that may impact earnings potential. 

Angela will address items ranging from the foundations of your Personal Brand, including how others see you, all the way to how to present Your Brand on Social Media.

Her current goal is to pay it forward & make connections that can help make a difference for others, as she helps people find an ideal fit for what’s next in life.

About the Speaker


Angela Kreps, Chief Connector at Aspyre

Angela Kreps, Chief Connector

Aspyre Wealth Partners® 

We all have choices about how we spend our days. After my own success as a bioscience Industry CEO and growth leader, my choice is to help other people succeed.

I am grateful for an abundant network, built by connecting with great people doing great things, and by forming meaningful and mutually rewarding relationships. Throughout my career I have maintained relationships with people who also believe in the inherent value of networking.

Much like the African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together — my goal is to pay it forward and make connections to help make a difference for as many people as possible.


What financial executives need to know

Your brand is an amalgamation of your professional and personal personas, combined with what other people (think and) say about you. Angela Kreps will share how she navigated three career pivots through personal brand management.

This session is designed to provide you with information and actionable insights so you can more effectively understand and convey Your Brand. Ideally she shares strategies to help you discover and communicate accurate information about who you are, who you want to meet to get you closer to your goals, and the value you bring to others through your work.

Why attend?

Angela will share simple strategies and practical tips to help you succeed in making meaningful connections in both work and personal aspects of your unique journey.


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