In case you missed it, Jamie Bosse, CFP® RFC, recently published her first children’s book, Milton The Money Savvy Pup: Brings Home The Bacon!

Here’s a quick look into why she decided to write the book and what you can expect from Milton!

Joni: What is the story behind why you wrote this book?

Jamie: I find that young kids today really have no concept of money or how it works.

All they see is mom and dad swiping a card at Target or pushing a button on their phone and Amazon boxes full of stuff just magically appear on the doorstep. It’s not just kids that have trouble understanding how to handle money.
Being in the financial industry, I am reminded daily of how financially troubled our society is. Tons of credit card debt, millions of families just scraping by and living paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet. Even families with six-figure incomes have trouble managing a monthly budget and being prepared for emergencies. I believe that this situation can be helped in some small degree by education and starting more conversations about money early on.

Currently, kids are not taught about financial education in school, so what they do learn is picked up from their parents or friends and the rest is learned purely by trial and error. Many young adults end up making choices in their 20’s that cost them big time and affect their financial lives well into the future. I want to help start that education for kids at an early age with the help of Milton the Money Savvy Pup. If Milton can help instill some basic financial knowledge and money management skills that can transfer into adulthood, then society as a whole will be better off.

I hope that as parents read this book to their children they are reminded of how to be good stewards of their money and start to reinforce healthy habits.

Joni: What can readers expect with Milton the Money Savvy Pup?

Jamie: In this book, Milton learns a few very basic money management concepts. He learns how to identify coins and their value, understands that you earn money by working and that sometimes you have to wait and save to get what you really want. My hope is to write several more books in this series. Some ideas right now are to write about wants vs. needs, comparing prices when shopping, and how to divide up an allowance into buckets for spending, saving, and giving.

Joni: We look forward to hearing more about Milton’ money habits! Having a healthy relationship with money is good for everyone. Teaching children the value of money at an early age can set them up for a bright financial future. Happy Reading!

Milton The Money Savvy Pup: Brings Home The Bacon!

Jamie Bosse, CFP®, RFC is a Lead Financial Planner at Aspyre Wealth Partners, based out of Overland Park, KS. Jamie has a passion for mentoring and financial literacy for all ages. She specifically enjoys helping young parents organize their financial lives, manage risks, and get set up for a bright financial future. She enjoys writing helpful financial articles and has been featured in the Kansas City Star, KC Parent, The Journal of Financial Planning, The Register, Solutions, Investment News, and Investment Advisor Magazine. Jamie is enjoying life’s adventures in Manhattan, KS with her husband, Weylan and four children, Oscar, Landry, August, and Eleanor, and of course, her Corgy, Milton.

Milton Money Savvy Pup

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