Meet Jamie A. Bosse, CFP®, RFC

Jamie is Lead Financial Planner at Aspyre Wealth Partners®. In her work at Aspyre she meets with many parents of young children, helping them navigate the financial aspects of what can be an overwhelming time in their lives. Things like cash flow, buying a home, saving for college and retirement. This fall she published her third book, Money Boss Mom, after writing and publishing two children’s books. In this most recent book, a “grown up” book as she says, Jamie draws upon her experience seeing what resonates with other families, and from her own life with her husband and four kids, as well as from what she learned about money growing up.

Right after Jamie’s book launch, I visited with her about her books and why she writes. Her desire to help oozes out. It felt like it was bubbling up insider her, ready to burst as she shares insights and helpful suggestions.



You published your second and third books this year. What can you tell us about them?

My second children’s book, Milton the Money Savvy Pup, Learns a New Habit hit the stores in May 2021. In this book, Milton learns that every time you get paid, you should allocate some to savings, some to giving, and the rest for spending (instead of spending the whole paycheck on bacon!). This is the second book in the Milton series. I hope to write several more books in this series about basic money concepts that kids can understand.

My first “grown up” book, Money Boss Mom, Helping Young Parents Be the “Boss” of Their Financial Future published in August. It is about getting the right systems in place to help parents gain control of their financial lives. I found myself writing tons of blog articles towards this audience over the years and I wanted to compile them into a guide. It is meant to be non-linear so it doesn’t have to be read in order. Parents are busy – they don’t even have time to get a full night’s sleep, let alone some quiet reading time! I wanted them to be able to reference a chapter at a time covering whatever issue they are facing in the moment, or a topic they want to address.

When you are a parent, you are constantly juggling competing financial priorities. You may be trying to buy a bigger house, save for retirement, save for education expenses for the kids, all while managing your career, childcare expenses, and paying off your own student loans. That is a lot to manage!  In my book I share tips, tricks, and insights on how to make that balancing act a little easier.



What inspires you to write? Said another way, what makes your voice unique?

I was inspired to write Money Boss Mom because parenthood is no joke. It takes adulting to a whole other level. Not only are you responsible for paying bills on time, changing batteries in the smoke detectors, and unclogging the drain, you now have to keep tiny humans safe, entertained, educated, and alive. Not to mention the task of raising them to be responsible adults. If you are experiencing issues with cash flow, debt, or any other financial insecurity, that is all you can think about. It will consume you. You are in fight or flight mode and can’t focus on the ones you love most; you’re just trying to make things work until the next paycheck. I want to help you take control of your money so you are confident that you are doing the right things and are set up for a bright future.

My voice is unique because I am in this financial planning/parenting vortex with the readers. I am a 39-year-old working mother of 4. My husband and I are balancing the competing priorities of saving for retirement, planning for education costs, managing our careers, and handling the expenses of today. Our cash flow changes and evolves with the expenses we have as our children grow. And our daycare bill has been bigger than our mortgage for the past 6 years. I know what the readers are going through – I am living it.

Our cash flow changes and evolves with the expenses we have as our children grow. And our daycare bill has been bigger than our mortgage for the past 6 years.  I know what the readers are going through – I am living it.


Give us a recap of one of your stories or a piece of advice you offer.

90% of the decisions we make are based on emotions, not rational thought. The way we handle money is shaped by our childhood, our life experiences, and our habits — not facts or how good we are at math. In this book, I dive into the four “Money Scripts” that help decode why we do what we do with money. These are subconscious beliefs about money that drive our thinking, decisions, and reactions when finances are involved.

Often times, our money scripts are set by the age of 10. If you understand what has shaped you, you have more power to decide how it will impact you going forward. This is a key element in a healthy marriage. Each party comes to a marriage with their own money scripts, experiences, and issues. If you can have an honest conversation with your spouse on these items and understand why they are the way the are, managing finances as a couple will be a lot easier.

My husband and I come from similar working-class backgrounds, but we’ve had different life experiences that have shaped us. We struggled early on with each other’s behaviors around spending and saving until we knew what was driving it. Once you understand your partner’s “why”, you can see things from their point of view and work on building your new money habits together.



I’m curious. What do you want to accomplish with your writing?

Writing is powerful because there is no limit to the number of people it can reach. As a Financial Planner, there are only so many clients I can serve and there are some barriers to entry when seeking the help of a professional. I want to be able to help parents and families in some small way, even if I can’t work with them personally. I want to help decipher the jargon and help parents sort through the noise out there by sharing relatable stories and getting to the point of what they need to know.


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