New Normal or Next Normal –  Tips on Managing an Ever Changing Environment


As we round out another year, I find myself looking back in gratitude and looking forward in hopeful anticipation. I love a new year. A fresh start. A chance to try again and get the wrongs of the past right.


Not everyone shares these sentiments and I can appreciate that. As a person who lives at the intersection of money and change, I talk to a lot of people who are looking to get to that new normal. We desire for things that have been turned upside down to be righted and for order to be restored. We desire the new normal to come with a promise of clarity, certainty, and control.


Doesn’t that especially feel true in this time of pandemic and ongoing variants of COVID 19? We are ready for a new normal like never before.


Over the past years, my own thinking around the idea of a new normal has shifted and now I think more about the “next normal.” I’m not sure where I heard this, but it has stuck with me. Next Normal. The idea is that normal is ever evolving and, we can take comfort in creating the next, not final, normal.

What does it look like to create a “normal”? Over the next several weeks, we will be posting tips on how to create a sense of normal in times where previous normal feels very far away. Let’s look forward, not back.


Tip #1: Non-Negotiables: 


Find 3 things you do daily that are not negotiable. Meaning, you do them regardless of the state of the world around you. This helps you focus on some things you can control. It is okay for the negotiables to evolve and change but the goal is to create a constant you can count on in the midst of change. For me, my current daily non-negotiables are:


1. Moving my body – yoga, a walk, a workout, an outdoor activity

2. Drinking water – at least 64oz or more a day

3. Doing the New York Times Crossword puzzle


All three of these items keep my body, mind, and spirit aligned daily. This helps ground me so I can tackle the opportunities and challenges that come with an ever evolving environment. These non-negotiables keep my mind clear, help me get ample sleep, and move my intentions to action. I am happier with my decision making, feel confident in my plans, and am able to be present in my life.


In our work with clients, we see the struggles to feel confident in decision making during times of change. It is hard to know the right choice and who to trust. Having a daily practice that keeps you rooted in the present moment while managing change is essential to gaining confidence in your decision making.


What are your 1-3 daily non-negotiables that would help you feel a sense of normal?


New normal may be a thing of the past as we continue to acknowledge that life rarely stays still and the same. Next normal is possible and can be a respite in times of change. Need help establishing your next normal? Feeling stuck and needing guidance on how to move forward? We are here to guide and partner with you on your life’s journey. We would love the opportunity to speak with you.


Jessi Chadd, M.S.F.S, CFP®, CeFT®, is a Principal at Aspyre Wealth Partners, specializing in life transitions. For help with your specific situation contact Jessi Chadd, at (913) 345-1881 or visit our website at
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