By Joni Lindquist

Wherever you are in your career – climbing the corporate ladder, looking to make a career change or happy where you are – it’s always important to network in various groups.

I recently read a good guest blog post on Alana Muller’s Coffee Lunch Coffee, a site that focuses on networking for success.   Check out Alana’s blog here and the guest post from Angela Connelly, CMO of PKD Foundation, “Networking for Introverts: Do not be afraid!”  

As an introvert myself, I found Angela’s tips helpful.

Her “just do it” tip rang true for me.  The more often you go to various events, the easier it becomes.  I’ve actually (Horror for an introvert!) enjoyed myself at an event or two.  Also, doing your homework ahead of time, as an example she mentions getting a list of the attendees before the meeting, can also calm nerves and help you build a plan of attack.

If you are building your business or making a career or job transition, networking is essential for success.  Learn how to do it effectively and it won’t’ be such a barrier if you are an introvert!

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Photo credit: zerok / Foter / CC BY-SA