Retire well: Plan for retirement beyond the numbers

Am I on track for retirement? One of the top reasons our clients work with us is to answer this very question. You can be 30 or 65 and have this same question – we see it all the time.

  • What will retirement look like?  
  • What will you do each and every day? 
  • Desire something beyond golfing in retirement?  
  • What if you want to keep working but you want to know you don’t have to work for the money anymore?

In this eBook, Jessi focuses on what it looks like to retire well and how to customize your retirement to YOU.  The focus isn’t on finishing your career, but on entering the next phase of your journey with a plan focused on quality of life. What are you retiring TO?

View: Retire Well by Jessi Chadd, CFP®, CeFP®

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Additional Resources

In addition to the eBook, Jessi’s slide deck is available as a complimentary download below.

Download Jessi's slides

Go beyond the numbers and explore what it looks like to engage in planning for your retirement much like you have planned for your career.

In Retire WELL, Jessi explores the benefits, both economic and lifestyle, that your work provides you, and how to continue these benefits into retirement

There is something here for you, whether you are…

  • Just starting to think about it
  • Not sure you will ever quit working
  • Approaching retirement in the next few years
    Enjoy a fresh perspective on this thing called Retirement and how you can make it personal to you.

Meet THE Author

Jessi Chadd, MSFS, CFP®, CeFT®

Jessi is Chief Wealth Officer at Aspyre Wealth Partners®. She works directly with clients to help them along their life’s journey and stay focused on what matters most to them. 

Jessi enjoys helping clients understand their goals and also the motivations and intentions behind these goals. She works with clients to take their goals and make them a reality through actionable plans and consistent accountability. She finds it truly rewarding to help clients live the best life available to them and get specific on what that means.

Jessi also finds it rewarding to walk alongside others as they manage the transitions that come with living a full life. Whether it is a job promotion, death of a loved one, cross country move, or starting a family, Jessi likes being the person that you can call upon for that plan of attack and a listening ear.

Life transitions are a gift if they are viewed that way and Jessi likes to empower and guide individuals through these valleys in life to find the lessons and growth that comes from these times.

She has been with Aspyre since graduating college, and became a shareholder and Chief Wealth Officer within her first 13 years on the job. Jessi became a Certified Financial Planner® in 2010, and added the Certified Financial Transitionist, CeFT® designation 8 years later.

Outside of work, Jessi enjoys being at home with her husband Chad and their Golden Retriever and tabby cat, where she loves to bake up a storm and perfect her domino game.