Self-Advocacy: supporting Your well-being, progress, freedom

Self-Advocacy is the ability to speak up for yourself and the things that are important to you. People who are skilled in self-advocacy are more likely to thrive in work and life. Who doesn’t want to thrive?!

There’s some finesse required, and that’s not always intuitive, but it can be learned. Aspyre Wealth Partners® 6-step self-advocacy framework, designed to help you speak up and speak out more effectively.

Engage in new ways to find focus and new ways to build alliances to support you. For some of us, we need to advocate for ourselves in our relationship or another aspect of our well-being. It might be advocating for greater autonomy or simply making progress. This practical framework helps you get results when you speak up and speak out.

Speaker Bios:

Jessi Chadd, CFP®, CeFT®

Joni Lindquist, MBA, CFP®

Angela Kreps

What’s Your Return On Life?

Many in the wealth management industry focus only on asset performance, otherwise known as return on investment or ROI. At Aspyre Wealth Partners®, we use a much more holistic approach that goes beyond ROI. It’s called Return on Life™ or ROL. We believe money is a tool.

One result of this ROL-centered approach is that our clients are able to live the best lives possible based on their own definition of success and what’s most important to them. We like to say the Y in Aspyre is because we start with YOU and your WHY. From there we measure ROL, as well as ROI, on the path to achieving your dreams.

Instead of focusing on someone else’s definition of success, write your own. ROL puts quality before quantity, managing your assets to improve your life.

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