New webinar series: Career And Planning Strategies

In our new Master What’s Next® webinar series, we provide tips and strategies to manage career planning during transitions. You will learn how to get unstuck and take action on what’s important.  

Our certified transition specialist discusses the stages of transitions many of us are going through. She shares how to differentiate between what needs doing now, versus what can be addressed soon, and what can be put off until later. 

This complimentary 30 minute webinar is for professionals who value advice to address both financial planning and career transitions.  These actionable steps to get started.

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Many of us are feeling overwhelmed by all the changes around us. It is uncomfortable at best, and for some it is devastating.  Meeting you where you are, we partner with you to help you define your goals. Then we continue to help as you implement your plan to get you there.

  • Am I on track?
  • Am I maximizing my career potential?
  • Am I doing the right things financially?

Maximizing opportunities is especially important in this time when so much is changing. We are surrounded by disruption. Some see this as fertile ground for innovation, and others struggle to function. Regardless of perspective, it can be overwhelming. Feel more confident knowing you have a plan to address the uncertainty. Know what decisions to make now and what to hold off until later.

At Aspyre Wealth Partners®, our client-first approach guides you through steps to discover your priorities. Once your priorities are clear, we create an outcomes-based plan. We accompany you, as you Master What’s Next® in your life.  The Y in Aspyre represents YOU and your “why”, which is always where we begin. Our work starts with you.



Jamie Bosse, CFP®, RFC

Jamie is a Certified Financial Planner® with Aspyre Wealth Partners®. Her work in the financial planning world began in 2004. She enjoys helping people organize their financial lives, maximize their human capital, and get closer to their life goals.

Her passion is financial literacy at early ages, so Jamie wrote a book, “Milton the Money Savvy Pup Brings Home the Bacon” and is working on a sequel. During this time of crisis, she is both struggling with and enjoying being home with her husband and 4 children.

Jessi Chadd, MSFS, CFP®, CeFT®

Jessi is a Wealth Manager and Principal with Aspyre Wealth Partners®. She has been with the firm for 12 years, and has been a Certified Financial Planner® since 2010, and recently became a Certified Financial Transitionist, CeFT®.

Jessi works directly with our clients to help them along their life’s journey and stay focused on what matters most to them. During this pandemic, Jessi enjoys being at home with her partner Chad and their dog and cat, where she bakes up a storm and perfects her domino game.

Angela Kreps

Angela is Chief Connector with Aspyre Wealth Partners®. Her “why” is helping people become the best version of themselves so they might achieve extraordinary results. Angela joined the firm after 25 years as a business leader, including 10 years as CEO of a bioscience organization, when she was named by Ingram’s Magazine as one of Kansas City’s Most Influential Women. 

She lives in KC with her husband and children. Her silver lining during this pandemic: enjoying more family time, playing board games and golf.