By Joni Lindquist

Good article a few months ago in USA Today about slowing down by Anita Bruzzese entitled:  On the Job: How to slow down, take control of your life.  This is a necessary message to many of us, if only we can do something about our chaotic lives.  I think it starts with one of her suggestions, which is to redefine success.  Here are three other things you can do:

1)      Commit to Quiet Time – build even 30 minutes every couple of days into your work schedule.  Keep this sacred and use as quite time for yourself.  Carve it out and do the same for you at home.  If you travel, don’t use all your plane time working – use some of it to rest your mind.

2)      Turn Off Technology – set some limits.  I know people who require setting aside their phones during every meal – parents and children alike.  Others will turn off their phones while spending time with their children.

3)      Take Your Vacation in 2014 – as you plan your year, include make sure to take your vacation.  Start discussing when and where.  Consider a stay-cation as one your weeks of vacation.  I know people who brag about NOT using their vacation.  In my mind, that is nothing to brag about.  Most people I know who make the time to take vacations do find them to be SO valuable in unwinding and simply taking a break.  Oh – and turn the phone off some while you are on vacation.  Let your team and peers back home handle the daily crises.

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