By Patrick Amey

For me, it is Rockhurst College, The University of Kansas, and yes, I include my high school.  Something about being back on campus stirs the strongest memories and feelings of days past.  We relive so many emotions.  Love for your sports teams as they take the field and gratitude for the professors who spent time to help develop your skills.

We are drawn back to these places.  So much so that we will spend ample dollars and time just to be a part of them.  At KHC Wealth Management, we focus on Making Life Count!® today as well as planning and saving for the future.  Along with many of our clients, we believe it is important to remember our past and use our resources to pay tribute to the institutions that helped shape who we are today.

KHC frequently assists our clients in honoring their alma maters through donations and charitable contributions.  Sometimes it’s giving to a campaign to preserve a school building or fraternity house, and sometimes it is a get better seats at games.  What we hear most often from our clients is, “I am giving to my school so that someone like me will have the same opportunities and experiences I had.

Giving money to your school is fulfilling – it’s the place that has given us so much.  It is our way of paying-it-forward, or more appropriately, paying it back.  However, we can add something to accompany these gifts, something for ourselves.  And that is the gift of our time.  Take a walk through the campus on an afternoon and let the memories take you back.  Volunteer for fundraising events or offer to be a career mentor for students.  Sadly enough, while attending KU, I never went to a basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse.  However, since graduation, the famed building is one of the only places I’ve revisited.  I need to go fishing in the pond by the Lied center.  Drink a beer on the patio at the Crossing, well, maybe not as there is a hotel there now.

A big part of living well today is spending your financial and human capital (your time, talent, skills and experience) on what matters most to you.  If you’re like many, that includes your alma mater.

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Photo credit: NazarethCollege / Foter / CC BY