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The Big Quit, aka The Great Reshuffle

According to an Oct 19, 2021 news story on CNBC more than $4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August. Some are doing it for better job security or better pay. Others are leaving because they are burned out – and seeking ways to better align their values with their work. Bankrate’s August job seeker survey reported 56% of us are looking at making a change within the next year.

This trend could have a huge impact on you and your financials, regardless of whether you are the one leaving. In this segment Kreps looks at the 5 questions she asked herself before making both of her own career pivots. Kreps will also turn the tables and share information for business leaders from Harvard Business Review on a 20 year study of what people seek at work.

About Angela Kreps

Angela Kreps made two major career pivots in her lifetime. The first pivot was moving from being a producer in a Fortune 300 firm to becoming a CEO of a bioscience organization. The second happened when she left her CEO role and became a consultant and connector. In this session she walks through the five critical questions she used when making those career pivots to help you determine what makes sense for you, personally and professionally.

 What’s Your Return On Life?

The majority of our industry focuses only on asset performance, otherwise known as return on investment or ROI. With our clients, we use a much more holistic approach that goes beyond just ROI. It’s called Return on Life™ or ROL. We think of money as a tool. The result of this ROL-centered approach is that our clients are able to live the best lives possible given the money they have.

With ROL, you don’t give up the best of life or the best parts of yourself for the money. The money is there to serve you, not vice versa. Instead of focusing on someone else’s definition of success, you will write your own. ROL puts quality before quantity by managing your assets in a way that improves your life and provides peace of mind and confidence.

Angela offers a complimentary meeting to talk about your goals. It might lead to working together, or perhaps she can simply make a connection to get you closer to where you want to be.

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