By Joni Lindquist

As the holiday season ramps up, the New Year is fast approaching.  With some time away from the office, now may be an ideal occasion to reflect on your career progress.  Ask yourself the following five questions:

  1. Are you where you’d thought you’d be?
  2. Are you doing something you truly love? (For the most part—every job has aspects that we don’t love).  Write down what you love about your current job.  Start the list and come back to it over the course of a week.  If the list is dreadfully short, perhaps 2017 is the year you need to look for another job.
  3. Are you paid fairly for your production/results?  Remember, we live in a world of results – employers don’t pay for “activity,” they pay for results.  Be honest with yourself here.  If you are producing results and you feel you aren’t being paid fairly, it might be time to approach your boss.  Or if your list from Question #2 is short, it may be another signal that it’s time to leave.  Don’t let another year slip by without addressing this issue one way or another.

And if you aren’t producing the level of results your employer expects, what are you going to do differently in 2017 to meet those expectations?

  1. Where would you like to be in three years?  Imagine the ideal job.
  2. What do you need to do in order to reach your ideal job in three years?  What experience do you need to build?  Do you need to further your formal education? What skills do you need to develop?  What results do you need to produce to get there?

These are great questions to ask as you head into 2017 so that you ensure you are on a career trajectory that you are happy with.

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Photo credit: photologue_np / / CC BY