Transition Well

Play the Long Game

  • Are you set up to make smart moves with the resources you have?
  • Do you know what your living expenses are for the next few years?
  • Do you understand your income requirements for your new business to live the life you want?
  • Are your values driving your career and financial decisions?

A good place to start is by challenging yourself to ask “WHAT IF?”

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We can help you identify and evaluate various scenarios as you picture your new career.

Every situation is unique on how to leverage your financial resources to manage your lifestyle as you change your work identity. 

We have learned do’s and don’ts by helping multiple corporate executives transition to new roles.  


Jessi Chadd

Partner, Chief Wealth Officer

CFP, Certified Financial Transitionist

Jessi finds it rewarding to guide clients through life transitions; partnering to help them discover their goals and make them a reality through actionable plans and consistent accountability.  Working with mid-career changers, she helps them prioritize, build resiliency, and plan and take actions to move successfully into the new beginning.