We encounter decisions daily, constantly it seems.  And some are bigger and more important than others.  Some we call “turning points” because they are the milestones that often decide the course of future events.  If you’re wrestling with a big decision, you may feel stuck, or scared, or even overwhelmed.  I urge my clients to do the “Gratefulness Exercise” because I believe it’s valuable to reflect and understand what’s truly important to us at this point in our lives.  This process can also be fun and very revealing:

  • Set aside 10 minutes a day every day for one week
  • Recall your day, remembering the things you are grateful for (and they can be relatively minor such as the warm welcome you get at the neighborhood coffee shop or they can be bigger)
  • Jot down 2-5 events or exchanges that you are grateful for
  • Focus on each one, and relive the experience and savor the feeling
  • Repeat
  • At the end of the week, jot any patterns you see

Being grateful puts you in a positive frame of mind and allows you to be more open to try new things.  It can help you frame your decision about what’s really important to you in the long term.  If nothing else, I find that listing my “gratitudes” starts my day off on a happier note than if I don’t jot them down.

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