By Joni Lindquist

Good read in USAToday by Rodney Brooks (@Perfiguy) entitled “Creative ideas for cash flow in retirement”.  For folks concerned they may need to earn some income to support them in retirement, Brooks identifies some creative options:

  1. Turn hobbies into income.  This one seems hard to me.  For those folks who have a creative/artistic bent, this may work for them.  I know people who make jewelry and sell at craft fairs.  Another of our clients who is interested in RV’ing intends to work in parks part-time to either make money or get reduced fees or free spaces in the RV park.  While none of these hobbies are likely to lead to big bucks, it could be an excellent way to make some money doing things you would do anyway. (And get rid of the stuff you create!).  I haven’t found anyone willing to pay me to play golf yet; although I could become a golf course starter!

Brooks mentions creating training courses on a subject you have knowledge on; and then posting on  People pay for the course.  This is intriguing to me.

One idea he doesn’t mention, but I hear from many folks, is the desire to write a book.  Now that it is relatively easy to self-publish, you may want to go ahead and try to make some money from your effort!

  1. Use your home.  The idea I love in this section is doing overnight dog-sitting in your home for people who otherwise would have to board their dogs.  I’ve helped friends and family for years by watching their dogs, and they reciprocate.  No reason not to expand to others.  A friend of mine retired from her job as an Office Manager at a Doctor’s office and does dog-sitting.  She may use her home or go to the customer’s home.  She enjoys the dogs and picks up extra spending money.  The article states that people can make between $1000 – $4,000 a month taking in a maximum of three dogs at any time!

His other idea is to rent out rooms in your home.  I don’t know many people that would go for this one.  This seems more of a stretch to me.  Maybe those of you who were hippies living in communes at one time would adjust to this better than some of the rest of us.

  1. Spend life in model or show homes.   This idea is that model or fancy homes will sell better if they are lived in.  You are paid to live in luxurious homes until they sell.  You can sell or rent your home and then move in to these show homes.  I think for some people it may be hard to become nomads, but the benefits are you get to live in beautiful house, potentially in different cities and it probably forces one to get rid of all their own “stuff”.  The downside is you have to be out of the home when it’s being shown and you are constantly moving.    For those seeking adventure, it may make sense.

These are some unique ideas to earn income in your retirement without much upfront investment.

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Photo credit: Tax Credits / Foter / CC BY