Often, the lady of the house is in charge of remembering birthdays, holidays, and other events that require planning and gift giving.  On holidays where she is to be on the receiving end of the gifting, she may get an “I owe you” or be the “victim” of a hasty last minute decision.  I polled mothers of various ages on what they would like to receive this Mother’s Day and their responses ranged from a stylish diaper bag, a single-serve coffee maker, a day without laundry or cooking, to simply “time” – time for themselves, time to do something fun, time to rest.  Here were the prevalent themes:


The #1 response had to do with catching up on some Z’s.  Moms want time to take a nap, sleep in, or simply get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  There is a catch though – in order for mom to be willing to take a siesta, you have to take some tasks off of her never-ending to-do list so that she doesn’t feel guilty for taking that overdue snooze.

Photo Gifts

Moms LOVE cute, professional pictures of their children and their family.  Sadly, husbands and children do not always cooperate on this initiative and/or they only comply after a significant amount of grumbling, making the overall experience less enjoyable.  Suck it up, wear the matching oxfords, and smile like you mean it!  Maybe surprise her with a backyard photo session on the date of her choosing.


Who doesn’t love brunch, especially when you can dine outside?  Give Mom a break from the kitchen and take her to a fun brunch spot.  Be mindful of the timing, as these places fill up fast on the weekends.  To be safe, you should make a reservation at least a week ahead of time.

A Babysitter

Even if she doesn’t leave the house, having a couple of hours to do whatever she wants is great for a mom’s sanity.  Take the kids (or coordinate a sitter) so that she can run errands, shop, organize, meditate, workout, meet up with the girls, go on a date, or whatever she wants to do.

A Clean House

It can be difficult (and by difficult, I mean impossible) to keep a house clean, especially when children, dogs, and males of any age reside in said house.  Organize a cleaning day while Mom is out enjoying one of the fun activities listed in this article.  Do a serious deep clean –I’m talking windows, toilets, baseboards, the works, or engage a cleaning service that will do this for you.  Maybe purchase a monthly “subscription” to a cleaning service for a few months or once a quarter to help keep the house in order.

Keepsake Jewelry

Many moms said that they would like a simple, classic piece of jewelry with their children’s initials on it.  Check websites like Pinterest or Etsy to get ideas.  Trick of the trade –the best way to collect valuable intel on the mom in your life is to “follow” her on Pinterest.  This way, you will see everything that has caught her eye and really choose a gift that suits her.

Peace and Primping

Moms tend to be busy people who put their needs and wants after everyone else’s.  Treat her to a trip to the nail salon, a full-body massage (Note – if the mom in your life is currently nursing an infant, this might not be very comfortable), or a facial.  She will have some time to relax and may come home feeling like a new woman!  If she is a social lady, book the appointment with one or two of her gal pals so she can enjoy the primping and much-needed girl time.  Don’t just make the appointment, pull out all the stops!  Have a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries brought in, pre-pay and tip well.  Side note – whatever you do, NEVER complain about how expensive these experiences are in her presence.

A Blowout

If you are not familiar with this term, it basically means that you go to a salon and have someone wash and style your hair for you.  Have you ever noticed that the Mom in your life is much happier after getting her hair freshly styled?  This is because it always looks better when she leaves the salon and she can NEVER get it to look that way on her own.  Plus, it is super relaxing to have someone wash your hair while you read gossip magazines and sip white wine.  This is also a thoughtful bonus on the day of the photo session listed above.

Recognition and Quality Time

By this I simply mean recognition of all that she does for the family.  Being a mom can be a thankless job at times, so let her know that you appreciate all that she does and make her feel special!  Gather the gang and treat her to a family outing that you are all excited to participate in and that she did not have to plan.

To all of the husbands, partners, and kids out there, this is all you need to wow the mom in your life… you’re welcome!

P.S.  If she doesn’t have kids yet, but is currently pregnant – she still counts as a mom, so definitely don’t forget about this very important first Mother’s Day.   Same goes for moms with grown children – she is always a mother and should be recognized and celebrated!

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