By Joni Lindquist

A couple months back Forbes featured an article listing six interesting jobs of the future.

The six are:  Logistician, Ethical Hacker, Actuary, Epidemiologist, Front End Engineer and Food Chemist. What do they all have in common?  Changing technology and harnessing the power of new technology to do things better, quicker, and more efficiently.  Notice these are future jobs, and some of the descriptions seem quite space –age, like George Jetson stuff.   The last one – the Food Chemist – is fascinating.  While food chemists are a growing occupation today, this article envisions a future where 3-D printers will cook our food.  You merely insert the ingredient “cartridges” to create the meal.  Apparently NASA has already trialed this.  I may finally be able to cook!

This is a fun read.  Those of you with children in high school or college should take note.  Or if you are totally dissatisfied in your current career, there are some fascinating options for you!

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Photo credit: freefotouk / Foter / CC BY-NC