Jamie Bosse on cover of Manhattan City Lifestyle magazine

Jamie Bosse Is Promoting Financial Literacy for All Ages.

Wealth Manager Jamie Bosse, CFP® has kicked off National Financial Literacy Month with a cover feature in the Manhattan Citylife magazine. She discovered a passion for financial planning because it involved both education and the ability to help others achieve peace of mind.

“Understanding clients’ emotional ties to money helps Jamie to guide them more effectively towards realizing their financial visions without imposing her own values onto their decisions.”

“As a mother of four, Jamie’s approach to incorporating financial literacy into parenting is grounded in openness and practicality.”

The Money Boss Mom’s latest book in the “Milton the Money Savvy Pup” series published earlier this year. It is a reflection of her continued commitment to teaching financial literacy at all different stages of life.

Money Boss Mom and the Milton Book Series.

Get more information about the author and her series of books for children, as well as a help book for young parents.

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