Human Capital + Financial Capital = Your Wealth

Human Capital + Financial Capital = Your Wealth


Human Capital + Financial Capital = Your Wealth

At Aspyre, we define “wealth” more comprehensively than most advisory firms. While wealth certainly includes financial capital (your income and investable assets) we believe human capital (your time, talents, and experience) is equally vital to defining your true lifetime “wealth.”

For many, major life transitions—such as marriage, divorce, a promotion or other job change, job loss, the birth of a child, or the loss of a loved one—dictate the need for a new level of financial guidance. Whether you’re focused on excelling at your career while striving to achieve your personal and family dreams, planning for a pending retirement that supports your desired lifestyle, or are already retired and need to ensure a reliable, steady cash flow for the long-term, we can help you…master what’s next.


Aspyre Wealth Partners® was founded by Stewart and Joy Koesten when they opened Koesten Hirschmann & Crabtree (which later became KHC Wealth Management) in 1997. Their vision for the firm was to serve the needs of a vastly underserved market: business executives who need professional help to guide their careers and financial affairs. They found they were able to deliver the greatest value to high-earning business executives who were too busy excelling at their jobs or running their own businesses to optimally manage their personal financial lives. Today, that vision continues to drive Aspyre’s mission, values, and approach to our comprehensive .

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, our firm is rooted in suburban Kansas City. Through the gradual relocation of many of our clients, and their referrals to friends, family, and colleagues, we now serve clients from coast to coast.

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