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True wealth is about living your best life with all the assets you hold. We partner with you to discover your aspirations and create a plan to help you achieve them – now and in your future.

How We Help

Feeling overwhelmed managing your career and busy life while staying on top of complex financial decisions? We offer an integrated approach.

Financial Planning

Clarifying what’s important to you, building a plan and helping to implement the plan. Monitoring for adjustments and keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

Career Planning

Like a training coach for athletes, helping professionals reach maximum potential with Executive Coaching and Career Coaching programs.

Investment Management

Tying your investment strategy with your overall career and financial plan. Helping you build and maintain a diversified portfolio that supports your goals.


Life presents numerous and significant transitions…new job, marriage, divorce, loss of a loved one, and retirement. Assisting with the preparation and adaptation to changes, as well as the financial and career aspects.


Are you managing your money in a way that improves your life?

Learn how to live your best life with the assets you hold.

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How We're Different

  • Career, Finance & Life Integration
  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Highly Customized for Your Goals
  • Warm, Human Touch
  • Fiduciaries Advising in Your Best Interest
  • Fee-Only/Retainers



5 key tips for advisors on 529 college savings plans

5 key tips for advisors on 529 college savings plans

Aspyre Wealth’s Jamie Bosse spoke to Financial Planning Magazine about common challenges she sees when helping clients with 529 plans. Jamie specifically addressed the difficulties that can arise with some plans when clients use 529s to fund K-12 private school. Using...

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Ready To Get Your Finances In Order?

Ready To Get Your Finances In Order?

Get in the game-day spirit this autumn. In her article for The Kansas City Star, Joni Lindquist, CFP® suggests approaching your money life like a football team. Hire coaches, Understand where you are and where you want to go, Build a playbook, and Practice new plays...

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