By Joni Lindquist

I ran across a good article in Fortune a book review by longtime executive recruiter Mark Jaffe’s  book “Let me tell it to You Straight.”

In the book, Jaffer covers a wide variety of do’s and don’t for success for executives in job search mode.  I agree with his point about resumes – less is more.   I often tell clients that the purpose of the resume is to get you an interview, it is not intended to be a full compendium of your life and career.

I also like his advice about thinking of yourself as a consultant rather than as the candidate when you interview.  This will put you in the frame of mind to listen to them and figure out what they need, and then you can position yourself.  Often candidates are too busy selling and not listening deeply enough.  You get hired for what you can do for the employer, not what you have done in the past.  Think like a consultant!

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Photo credit: COD Newsroom / Foter / CC BY