By Joni Lindquist

If you are in the midst of holiday shopping, and are stymied by what to give a client, business partner or any business person in your life, review the Business Journals’ “17 holiday gift ideas for the businesswomen in your life”.

Many on this list may be more appropriate for women only, but the business men in your life might also enjoy some of these items.  The gifts range in price from an inexpensive business card holder for $20 to a $495 for a My Intelligent Communications Accessory (MICA), a high tech bracelet where you can discreetly see your messages and calendar.  Oh, and there is the Tumi carry-on for nearly $1,200 – not likely something you would purchase for someone you only work with!  I also love the range of ideas from high-tech to low-tech (pens) and beverages from tea to wine!

This post also encourages you to choose carefully… gifts are a reflection of you!  These ideas can make it fun.

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Photo credit: ejorpin / Foter / CC BY-NC