By Stewart Koesten

Did you know that a licensed airplane pilot could lose his/her license if they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or pharmaceuticals?  That’s a pretty dramatic outcome for someone.  I wondered, what are some of the other consequences of bad behavior behind the wheel of an automobile?  There are serious consequences for seemingly less noxious behaviors than a DUI.

Driving under the influence is no longer tolerated in most jurisdictions.  Loss of driving privileges, having to prove sobriety every time you want to drive, jail time, periodic urine testing and classes on safe driving are some of the results of just a single DUI.  Why the recent zero tolerance?  DUI can kill.  Normally, when we think of a DUI we think about alcohol consumption or illegal drugs.  Are you aware that many of our friends and even our parents are driving under the influence each day and aren’t aware of it?  Take a look at their prescription meds.  I’ll bet there’s a warning label on one not to operate machinery while taking the drug.

Another bad behavior is having a history of speeding tickets.  At best, a history of speeding tickets could make you uninsurable or cause a significant increase in the premiums for auto insurance. If one is a persistent speed-sinner, one could have his or her driver’s license suspended or revoked.  At worst, speeding results in more dangerous accidents with outcomes that may be deadly.

Being distracted by talking on, using a mobile device, or texting (which I believe is even worse) can cause accidents.  You’ve probably experienced a distraction where you aren’t aware how you got from point “a” to point “b.”   In some states, using a mobile phone in a moving car is illegal.   Getting caught could result in a ticket with a stiff fine.

Eating food and drinking hot drinks is another distraction.  Consider what could happen if a hot drink were to burst open on your lap while you’re driving!

Lastly being distracted by a dropped item or by primping yourself can lead to an accident.  I recall a person who bent over to pick an object off the floor of his car and promptly ran into a telephone poll.  Happily, that time, he was not injured and didn’t hurt anyone.  Next time, perhaps one would not be that lucky.

It is a good idea to keep your senses about you when you drive.  Put away the mobile devices, pay attention and avoid distractions.  It will keep you safe and save you money.  Lots of money!

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Photo credit: kevin dooley / / CC BY