By Joni Lindquist

At KHC, we help our clients in Making Life Count!® , balancing living well today while planning to achieve their future dreams and goals.

How each client defines Making Life Count is unique.  Whatever their definition, we encourage them to pursue it.  This picture depicts clients who like to travel and do so while still working.

For our clients Pete and Trudy, they love camping in their RV.  Upon retirement, they plan to downsize their home and become almost full-time RVers.  Until then, while they both are still working full-time, they use their vacations and weekends to enjoy the RV life.

On weekends, they go to nearby campgrounds.  Simply being away from their home really allows them to relax, and feel as if they have been on vacation.  If they are home, they know they will be running errands, doing housework, cleaning up the yard, and/or logging into their work email.  They find weekends spent at home aren’t as fun as the weekends spent out in their RV.  Sometimes they will bring their computers and work from the campsites, but even this is far more enjoyable than being at home.  Vacations allow them to get further away and explore new areas.

It is important to Pete and Trudy to have this lifestyle now as well as reach another goal – to visit many of the country’s national parks once they retire.  Achieving this has required research and careful planning.   They have enjoyed attending RV shows, comparing different types and sizes of RVs.  They have worked with the KHC team on their future spending plans to include a new RV once they are no longer working, and traveling expenses increase.  They have also accounted for other ancillary purchases such as hiring someone to watch their house and do yard work when they are gone for several weeks at a time.

Having a financial plan that includes their “dream” lives – both now and in the future – has given Pete and Trudy a sense of comfort and contentment.  It provides an incentive to keep them on their current spending plan so they can achieve their future dream life.  Their financial plan also pinpoints when they can both retire and pursue their RV adventure in a bigger way.

Until then, you may see Pete and Trudy at a campground near you enjoying the RV life on weekends!  For help identifying what you want your money to do for you, schedule a meeting by clicking below, contact Joni Lindquist –, or call (913) 345-1881.

Disclaimer: The above writing is provided for illustrative purposes only and does not represent actual client experiences, has not been provided by a current or previous client, or a current or previous client’s related person, but is rather an amalgam of several clients. An individual’s experience may vary based on his or her individual circumstances. There can be no assurance that KHC Wealth Management (“KHC”) will be able to achieve similar results in comparable situations. No portion of this writing is to be interpreted as a testimonial or endorsement of KHC’s investment advisory services and it is not known whether the clients referenced approve of KHC or its services.
Photo credit: vastateparksstaff / Foter / CC BY