By Matt Starkey

If you are like most of, it feels good to get money back when you file your tax return.  Just like finding that $20 bill in your winter coat pocket from last year, you are free to use this unexpected bonus however you want.  Many people immediately start thinking about spending this new-found cash on a vacation or some new clothes.

While these purchases may provide some short-term gratification, saving this unexpected windfall for retirement or other savings goals can boost your nest egg and financial plan, perhaps more than you thought possible.  What if you can increase your refund by ten-fold?

Let’s say, for example, that you received a $5,000 tax refund this year.  Instead of booking that trip to Cabo or immediately jumping on Amazon, assume you invest the cash into an investment portfolio that returns eight percent over each of the next 30 years.  This $5,000 windfall would turn into more than $50,000!  That extra boost could really help when it comes time to transition to retirement.

Let’s take the example above just a little further.  Assume you invest your $5,000 tax refund every year instead of spending it.  After 30 years assuming an eight percent return, you would have $566,000 of additional assets.

As you can see, being thoughtful about how you deploy unexpected cash at tax filing time can really pay off when it comes to your financial plan.

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Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-SA