New Normal or Next Normal – Recommit to Values


In our previous post I discussed my love for a new year which really is my love for a new start.  With a new start comes opportunity to reset back to normal.  The holidays are wonderful but they throw off our budgets and fitness routines and I am excited to get back to my healthy habits.  My normal.

While I know change in life is inevitable and often the best things come to us in times of change, I crave the comfort of normal. Can you relate to that?



Have you been going through a time of transition or change and trying to find a new normal?

I find in my work with clients who are navigating change, they get fatigued on all that is unknown and uncertain. They  want to create an environment of normal.  It is natural to want to rush the change and get to the other side so you can feel normal again.

But normal is a fickle thing.  It can change on a dime – remember when we all through the pandemic would be bad for about 2 weeks and then we would go back to normal? Normal can be hard to pin down.  And yet, I believe that the comfort of normal can be achieved regardless of the state of things around us.

What does it look like to create the comfort of normal? A next normal.   Here is our next tip on how to create a sense of normal in times where normal feels very far away.



Tip #2: Revisit and Recommit To Your Values

Values, morals, motivations, desires, intentions; the things that drive us go by many different names. The power of knowing what matters most to you is that you can let it guide you in times of uncertainty.

My personal values are relationships, wellness, experiences, learning, and giving back. When the pandemic first hit, most of the ways I carried out my values had to change because my options got really limited. I know you can resonate with that. I got stubborn and would not give up on what mattered most to me. It helped me to feel normal in a very not normal time.

Instead of Saturday morning breakfast with my mom, we Facetimed while we cooked. Instead of going to the yoga studio, I set up a yoga space in my home and practiced virtually. Instead of going to a concert, I set up a backyard concert venue with lights, snacks and drinks, and a livestream of a performance by one of my favorite bands.

This all required a lot of creativity and a good amount of pouting that things were different. But by sticking to that which mattered most to me, I felt less stress about the changing and unpredictable environment.



What are your values and are you living in them?

Don’t know your values? Start by looking at how you spend your time and money. Where do you feel alignment and where do you feel off kilter? Still need help? We help clients identify their values and then build plans to live out that which matters most to them!

It’s normal to want to feel normal! Next normal is possible and can be a respite in times of change. Need help establishing your next normal? Feeling stuck and needing guidance on how to move forward? We are here to guide and partner with you on your life’s journey. We would love the opportunity to speak with you.


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